All 5 of the Intel commercials are live!

Hi!  I now have all 5 of the cuts of the Intel commercials in my production design section.  I also added a few trailers for the show "Homegrown Makeovers" in my home makeover reality section.  Check them out!  Looking forward to adding pics from the Hennessy campaign next month and the Wild Arrows music video.  I'm also hoping to soon be able to link to the films "Crybaby," and "MisFit," as soon as those leave post.  I will probably have to wait a little while on the food styling work that I did for season 2 of The Cooking Channel's "Food: Fact or Fiction?"  I haven't seen any complete episodes out yet online.  Thanks for checking my site and I hope to put more up soon!

Upcoming work

I'll be updating my blog with upcoming work!  Soon I hope to be able to share two more Intel commercials with you (right now you can see the first three in my "production design to watch" section) and a music video for the Wild Arrows song "dreamlike dream"!  I have been lucky to work with such wonderful people lately!  Also hoping to be able to share a few shorts I worked on.  I'll post them as soon as I can!  I'll be adding pictures to the ad campaigns I've worked on as soon as they go live.  Thanks for checking out my page!